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Image by Leone Venter
  • Is Neyo really your son?
    Yes, Grammy-winning RNB singer, Neyo born Shaffer Smith is my only son.
  • Do you have any other children?
    Yes, I have one daughter, Nicole. I also have 8 grandchildren with whom I am constantly involved.
  • How long will it take for my product to be created?
    Usually 5 to 7 days with an additional 3 days for complete curing.
  • How long is it before my product will be shipped?
    Usually 7-10 days
  • Can I have my resin product created in any color?
    Yes, as well ascustom-createdd colors.
  • Can I have my item personalized?
    I can engrave as well as create transparent lettering
  • Can you create personalized keepsakes?
    Using the text that you send me, yes I can.
  • Can I approve the color before its shipped?
    Yes, as long as I have your contact info.
  • Can I purchase an item already created from the site?
    Yes, all Items are ready for purchase, and may also be created in other colors.
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